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  • Arbor for Hole Saws 5/8 up to 1 1/8
List Price: $15.98
Our Price: $7.99
You Save: 50%

These Hole Saw Arbors are Professional Tools.
This size fits all Hole Saws up 5/8" (16mm) to 1 1/8" (29mm) Diameter
The end is a 3/8" Hex that will fit any regular Drill.

The Pilot Drills in the middle are Masonry Bits and have Tungsten Carbide Tipped Points


This makes them perfect for Drilling Tough Abrasive materials like Brick, Marble and Concrete.

There's no Point Having a Hole saw that can cut the Tough Stuff if the Pilot Cannot!!

Pilot Drills are 5/16" (8mm) Diameter with a 1/4" Shaft and are replaceable
Also available in SDS Fitting and for Larger Hole Saws
Optional 5/16" Spearpoint Pilot is also available
which is specially designed for drilling ceramic tiles without slipping

These tools are designed to take serious abuse and will outlast conventional tools, they can be used in Corded or Cordless Drills with or without Full Hammer Action. Our TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) are basically regular HSS ( High Speed Steel) Drills with a piece of solid Tungsten Carbide permanently welded into the Tip. As Tungsten Carbide is much tougher than Steel it makes the Drill tougher and able to Drill through much Tougher Materials such as Brick and Masonry without dulling easily.

When used in conjunction with our Tungsten Grit Edge Hole Saws these Mandrels / Arbors leave a fine finish and can cut through a wide range of Tough Abrasive and Brittle materials like Brick, Masonry, Slate, Marble, Construction Materials such as Autoclaved Cement Board, Fibre glass, Composite Boards such as Chipboard and MDF, Laminates, Rubber Tyres, GRP, CFRP, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Plasterboard / Drywall, Soft Resinous Woods and Hard Brittle Materials.

***Also Available with SDS / SDS Plus end fitting ***

See our New Spear Point Pilot Mandrel which we have specially designed for cutting through Ceramic Wall Tile

Blades Can be wire brushed clean to increase lifespan

Check our Material Chart for Fuller list of what this Amazing Tool will cut through

Videos of Products in Action

This A1 Mandrel / Arbor is suited for any Hole Saw upto 30mm diameter

Hole saws we supply that take this size Mandrel / Arbor = 16mm, 19mm (3/4"), 20mm, 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1"), 29mm (1 1/8")

5/8" tungsten carbide grit edge hole saw

Who uses these Mandrels / Arbors and Hole Saws?

Professionals DIY and Remodellers, Construction Workers, Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning Engineers, Masons, Kitchen Fitters, Composite Manufacturers and users such as Fiberglass Boat Builders and Auto Body Kit Manufacturers.

*** Mandrels / Arbors are also available with SDS / SDS Plus Fitting for SDS Drills ***

The following sizes require one of our A2 or A2 SDS Mandrels / Arbors

32mm (1 1/4"), 35mm(1 3/8"), 38mm (1 1/2"), 44mm (1 3/4"), 48mm (1 7/8"), 51mm (2"), 54mm (2 1/8"), 57mm (2 1/4"), 60mm (2 3/8"), 64mm (2 1/2"), 70mm (2 3/4"), 76mm (3"), 83mm (3 1/4"), 86mm (3 3/8"), 95mm (3 3/4"), 102mm (4"), 114mm (4 1/2")

Who uses our Mandrels / Arbors?

Professionals DIY and Remodellers, Tile Installers, Construction Workers, Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning Engineers, Kitchen Fitters, Masons, Composite Manufacturers and users such as Fiberglass Boat Builders and Auto Body Kit Manufacturers, Component testers, Aerospace Industry, Graphite Industry,Insulation manufacturers, Woodworking..