Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Hole Saws designed for cutting tough Brittle Materials such as Marble, Slate, Composites, Masonry and Fibreglass

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Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Materials Cutting Chart

This is not an exhaustive list

Merely a guide to the type of materials that these blades are capable of cutting.

Cutting Speed : As a rule in general the faster the speed the cleaner the cut.

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Bricks and Masonry
Low Density Ceramic Tiles  (not Porcelains)
Fiberglass - All Types
GRP Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Foamed Glass
MDF Medium density Fibre board
Soapstone, Mica
Gray Cast Iron
Compressed Perlite Fibre Board
Syntactic Foam
Hardened Tool Steel (Rc 42-65)
Fibre Reinforced Cement
White & High Alloy Cast Iron
Plasterboard / Drywall
Sintered Tungsten, Molybdenym,Iron
Low Density Ceramics
Reinforced Concrete
Green Unfired Cement  
Fiberglass Honeycomb
Enamel Bathtubs & Basins
Wire Reinforced Rubber Tires Tyres
Polyesters, Epoxies


PC Cases for cooling fans
Melamine's, Phenolics
Carbon & Graphite Products
Tempered Hardboard
Graphite Composites
Cement Lined Steel & Cast Iron Pipe
Honeycomb materials
Paxolin -Phenolic Paper Laminate
Plastic Laminates
High Temp Nickel & Iron Base Super alloys
Plaster Laths 
Hardwood Flooring
Nitride Case & Induction Hardened Steel
Laminate Flooring
Glass Epoxy Composite

Carbon Fiber


These Blades are NOT designed For Granite, Porcelains, High Density Floor Tiles or anything with a Rockwell Hardness of 85 or more on C Scale

We are working on an Economical Range of Diamond Coated Blades for the Harder Materials so Please Keep Checking Back




We are currently working on a range of Diamond Grit Edge Blades to compliment our range of Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Saw Blades, this will allow us to supply a range of blades capable of cutting holes and shapes in not only ceramics but porcelains too. Check our product Menu for details.

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