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  • Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter Kit
List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $49.99
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The Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter Kit

This Kit is Not Available in Stores

Do Not Confuse with the Cheap Chinese Copies - This Tool Works!!

We Sell to Professional Tile Setters, Stained Glass and Mosaic Artists Too!!

We invented this Tool in 1971 in Great Britain where we still manufacture it today. You may have seen us or one of our Distributors Demonstrating the product at one of the Many Home & Garden Shows or State Fairs that we Attend Every Year, wherever we demonstrate it we always draw a crowd as it really is Truly Amazing.

The Amazing Tile And Glass Cutter Handles are made of a Spring Steel which allow the Breaking of Floor Tiles and Thick Tiles like Quarry Tiles.

The Cutting Wheel is Not Sharp - it is Very Very Hard Made of a High Quality Grade Tungsten Carbide Not Hardened Steel like many inferior Tile Cutters. The Wheel is specially ground in a certain way with an optimal angle which allows the Tool to be able to cut a range of Materials without losing its Edge. We Expect 1 wheel is capable of Tiling an entire 3000 sq ft Home - Yes - Every Room.

The Cutting Wheel is Replaceable by means of a simple nut and we include in the Kit a Replacement Wheel which will allow you to Tile your Neighbours Home Too if you so desire.

Should you be a Professional Tile Setter, you will probably go through 1 to 2 wheels per Year and extra wheels are available on this site, and yes it will cut Floor Tiles up to 24 inches in length, even Half Inch Thick Quarry Tiles.

The Tool is Guaranteed For Life - If you break it or even run over it with your Tank - we will still swap it out for a New One.

So How Does it Work?

Firstly Oil the Wheel

This is important for both Tile and Glass, for Tile it is for Lubrication and ensures the wheel is Turning Freely at all times and for Glass it keeps the glass cool and helps get a cleaner cut - a light machine oil such as Sewing Machine Oil works better than a spray oil.

Ensure you have the item being cut on a suitable surface such as a wooden board and do not be afraid of running the wheel right off the edge of the Tile onto the board below, it will not hurt the wheel and it will ensure that the Tile is scored completely from one edge to another.

1. Score the Tile Firmly From one edge to another, Start on top of the Tile right at the edge but not over the edge. Hold the Amazing Tile Cutter around the Rivet in the Center and push down hard applying firm pressure to the cutting wheel moving slowly across the Tile or Glass in one complete cut.

Use a straight edge against the specially designed flat side of the cutting wheel .

Left handed? you can easily change the wheel assembly fitting to the opposite side.

1.   2.  

2.If cutting Floor Tiles or Quarry Tiles apply pressure with Two Hands using one hand to apply pressure on the Aluminum Anvil this will give the Extra pressure needed to weaken and cut hard Floor Tiles, Quarry Tile and even Porcelains.

3.   3b.  

3. For Shapes the tool is able to cut up to a quarter circle in one single cut, really useful for the cut around the Toilet Flange, and its a lot less mess than a water saw. 3b. The Amazing Tile Cutter really is Amazing, the curves and shapes that you are able to produce with this tool always get the same response.

" That's Amazing "

4.   4b.  

4.Place the Aluminum Breaker Centered over the scoreline and as far in as possible to the back of the jaws. 4b. For shapes angle the Amazing Tile & Glass Cutter so the tool is centered in the direction of the cut.


5.Hold the Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter Handles as far back as possible and lift the Tile and squeeze gently, increase the pressure slowly until the Tile breaks cleanly - Hold the Piece you want so it does not drop or chip.Do Not Squeeze Too Hard, the tool does not need as much pressure as you might think.

6.    6b.  

6. For Glass and Mirror make sure it is supported its entire length on a flat surface. Apply oil liberally to the wheel so it runs onto the glass when scoring, the oil will cool the cut and give a better finished edge. To break Glass or Mirror place the jaws about half way in this allows for a gentler squeeze. 6b. For larger pieces of Glass or Mirror slide one end over the edge of the board it will be easier to control.

7.    7b.  

7. Gently lift and squeeze at the same time and the score line will slowly run as it splits all the way to the end. Try and do this very slowly, I use my thumb between the handles as a cushion to slow the break when squeezing. With this Tool you will be able to cut 8ft pieces using these methods.

The Amazing Rod Saw


The Rod Saw is a piece of wire coated with Tungsten Carbide Grit Particles - The same thing the hard cutting wheel on the Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter is Made of. We include this Truly Amazing Tool in the kit to allow you to cut around pipes and electrical outlets on the wall. The 10" round blade fits any standard Adjustable Hacksaw Frame and because the blade is coated all around it is able to cut in any diretion. The Blade is capable of cutting ceramic Tile, Marble, Slate Concrete - Lose your Keys - No Problem - This Blade will Cut through ardened Steel Padlocks in No Time.

1.For the L cut / the 90 degree cut or the inside corner - whatever you call this cut Its always a pain to do - Until Now.

This is easier to do in a vice but can be done by clamping to the edge of a bench.

First cut down one side - pick the shortest side and stop at the desired depth.

Now you have 2 choices either do the same on the other edge or - and this is by far the fastest and easiest, take the Amazing Tile and Glass Cutter and score away from the Saw Cut to the adjacent edge creating the L cut, then simply line the Jaws up with the score and squeeze Gently.

2. The cut around the pipe like the one coming out of the wall in the shower, draw the shape on the edge of the tile and simply follow with the rod saw, applying pressure to the handle of the rodsaw will force the blade to cut in that direction - slow down as you come back to the surface to minimize breakout.

3. Shapes in the center of the Tile , lets say the pipe lands smack bang in the middle of the Tile - No Problem - First Drill a hole in the center of the area you wish to remove using a Masonry Drill Bit or one of our special Tile and Glass Drill Bits, make one hole or two holes side by side big enough to get the end of the Rod Saw through, pass one end through the hole and whilst it is inside the Tile re-connect the Rod Saw to your Hacksaw Frame. Slowly saw out any shape you require, disconnect and remove the Amazing Rod Saw from the Tile when finished, and you are left with whatever shape hole you need in the inside of your Tile.

Buy This Now - I'ts the Best Tile and Glass Cutter Available, If you only Cut 1 Piece of Glass in your entire life it will pay for itself the first time you use it.

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