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  • 54mm (2 1/8
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Buy 54mm 2 1/8 inch 2 1/8" Tungsten Grit Edge Holesaws

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These Tungsten Carbide Grit Edge Professional Hole Saws are a true Professionals Tool

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The Gulleted Edge is coated with a Permanently Bonded Tungsten Carbide Grit. The gulleted edge increases cutting pressure and allows the cut material to be removed .They are designed to take serious abuse and will outlast any conventional Holesaw, they can be used in corded or cordless Drills and even SDS Drills and are built and designed to cut both with or without Full Hammer Action. They can even cut in both directions, they have a high heat and abrasion resistance, they are much tougher than bi metal hole saws and they have no teeth to chip or dull like Regular and even Carbide Tipped Hole Saws.

These Holesaws leave a fine finish and can cut through tough abrasive materials like Brick, Masonry, Slate, Marble, Ceramic Wall Tiles, Construction Materials such as Autoclaved Cement Board, Fibre glass, Composite Boards such as Chipboard and MDF, Laminates, Rubber Tires Tyres, GRP, CFRP, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Plasterboard / Drywall, Soft Resinous Woods and Hard Brittle Materials. For a fuller list see our Material Cutting Chart in the main menu.

Blades Can be wire brushed clean to increase life span.

applying water to the cutting edge whilst running with squirty bottle will minimize dust and

keep the cutting tool cool and increase the life span of the cutting edge.

Important keep water and fluids away from electrical tools and devices!!!

Check our Material Cutting Chart for Fuller list of what this Amazing Tool will cut through

Videos of Products in Action

Many of the applications that these saw blades are used for would bind and load up, or wear out the teeth on traditional toothed blades.

These Tungsten Carbide Grit edge HoleSaws are currently available in the following sizes, we occasionally manufacture special sizes dependent on Quantity.

If there is a size you are looking for please let us know maybe its one we have in stock or one we should have in stock

16mm (5/8"), 19mm (3/4"), 20mm, 22mm (7/8"), 25mm (1"), 29mm (1 1/8"), 32mm (1 1/4"), 35mm(1 3/8"), 38mm (1 1/2"), 44mm (1 3/4"), 48mm (1 7/8"), 51mm (2"), 54mm (2 1/8"), 57mm (2 1/4"), 60mm (2 3/8"), 64mm (2 1/2"), 70mm (2 3/4"), 76mm (3"), 83mm (3 1/4"), 86mm (3 3/8"), 95mm (3 3/4"), 102mm (4"), 114mm (4 1/2")

This Hole Saws will fit any standard ½” thread A1 or A1 SDS Mandrel / Arbor but we recommend using a Mandrel with a TCT Pilot Drill for Drilling Holes in Masonry or one of our Special Spear Point Pilot Drills for cutting Ceramic Tile - All available in our Mandrel / Arbor section.

After All What’s the point having a Hole Saw that can cut through Brick and Tile if the Pilot Drill Can't?


Q: What is an Arbor / Mandrel?

A: Some people call it a Mandrel and some call it an Arbor, this is the device that you put in your Electric Drill and the Hole Saw attaches onto it, it has a Pilot Drill that starts drilling before the Hole Saw reaches the material in order to center it and steady it, Pilot Drills are usually HSS High Speed Steel Not Ours though, we have 2 Types , we have TCT Tungsten Carbide Tipped same as HSS but there is a Piece of Solid Tungsten carbide in a Pentagon shape slotted into the point, this allows it to cut through tougher materials like Brick, we also have Spear Point Tile Drill Pilots- these are unlike any other drill they have a solid Spear shaped large piece of Tungsten carbide slotted into the point, they are specially for cutting through Tile or Glass as they slowly expand the hole as they drill exerting smaller amounts of pressure than a regular Pilot Drill making them suitable for brittle materials like Ceramic Tile & Glass etc.

Q: Which one do I need ?

A: For this size Hole Saw and any Holesaw 1 1/4" (32mm) or more you need what we call an A2 Arbor / Mandrel, it has a thread size of 5/8" which is a standard size this will fit any hole saw whether its one of ours or not, including and over 1 1/4" (32mm) diameter, we have a few options the first consideration is the type of Electric Drill, if its a regular Drill with a regular chuck then the regular A2 TCT Mandrel / Arbor is fine, if you are Drilling Tile though you may want to get a Spear Point Tile Mandrel or alternatively you can buy our 7.5mm Tile Drill and it will fit any of our Mandrels / Arbors.

If you have an SDS Plus Drill then we have SDS Mandrels also - If you dont know what this is - You have not got one, but for the curious it is a Drill with no chuck it has a special mechanism that uses slots on the Shaft of the Arbor / Mandrel or even on Drill Bits to Grip and quick change.

Q : Are the Pilot drills Replaceable?

A: Yes all TCT Pilot Drills and Spear Point Pilot Drills are replaceable, and are available in our here in our Store.

Q: How Long will the Hole saw last?

A: We expect to get 30-40 holes at least out of each Hole saw, obviously depending on the material and how you look after the tool.

Q: Will it Cut High Density Ceramic, Porcelain and Granite ?

A: No, do check the Cutting Material Chart for what they will cut , we are working on an economical range of diamond blades for cutting Porcelain and granite so keep checking back.

From Left to Right A1 TCT, A2 TCT, A1 SDS, A2 SDS

From Left to Right A1 with Spear Point Bit , A2 with Spear Point Bit, Spear Point Bit, A1 SDS with Spear Point, A2 SDS with Spear Point

Who uses our Hole Saws?

Professionals DIY and Remodellers, Tile Installers, Construction Workers, Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Air Conditioning Engineers, Kitchen Fitters, Masons, Composite Manufacturers and users such as Fiberglass Boat Builders and Auto Body Kit Manufacturers, Component testers, Aerospace Industry, Graphite Industry,Insulation manufacturers, Woodworking.

Interested in Reselling Our products or interested in large Quantities?

We can supply all these items loose or we can package for hanging systems etc - see our Wholesale Pages for details

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